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Board & Committee Charters

The Board Charter sets out the parameters in which the board operates.  It also sets the tone for board interaction.  Typically it covers:

•The role of the board and its relationship to the CEO.

•The role of the chair, deputy chair and other directors.

•The role of the chief executive officer.

•The role of the company secretary.

•The board’s responsibilities and membership composition.

•Board committees and meeting frequency.

•Conflict management processes.

•Management interaction.

•Access to independent advice.

•Board Performance review.

Many organisations have a “Governance Handbook” or “Governance Manual” which sets out, in more detail, the framework  and procedures in which the board operates.

Our Board Advisors have worked with chairs and directors since 1994. We understand the pressures and issues facing contemporary boards.

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Governance Manuals & Charters

Many organisations have a “Governance Manual” which sets out, in detail, the framework  and procedures in which the board operates.

We can assist draft the following documents to assist your board functioning and articulate governance standards:

•Board Charter

•Governance Manual

•Audit & Risk Committee Charter

•Remuneration Committee Charter

•Nominations Committee Charter

•Governance Committee Charter

•Statements of Corporate Intent

However your organisation has configured its board and committee structure we can provide assistance with the documentation.


The role of the board is to oversee legal and regulatory compliance, promote financial viability, manage risk and work closely with the CEO to achieve balanced results. It should navigate these complexities in such a way that purpose guides strategy development and informs decision making.
— Geoff Nunn, Governance Update. January 2019