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Geoff Nunn & Associates was established in 1993 as an independent provider of advisory services to the government and corporate sectors. We specialise in working with boards, directors and CEOs in the areas of corporate governance, board strategic advice, board renewal, board structuring and design and executive remuneration strategy.  We work with directors to identify critical issues which inhibit effectiveness and good governance. 

Our advisory services include:

Board Hot Spots

Board Renewal

Boardroom Dialogue

Board Governance Advice

Board and Committee Charter Drafting

Business Advisory Services

Executive Remuneration Strategy Advice

In the wake of the Australian Banking Industry Royal Commission's Interim Report in September, 2018 the AIM's Ian Siebert interviews Board Advisor and Corporate Governance Specialist, Geoff Nunn on the efficacy of the current Executive Remuneration Model in the major corporates. See:

Just Rewards or Corporate Excess: A Governance Perspective


OUR Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose is to enable boards to improve their governance processes, dynamics, performance and visibility.  We do this through engaging with boards and directors collectively and individually to explore opportunities to enhance capability, facilitate renewal, engage in meaningful dialogue and work through impediments to effectiveness.

In April 2018 Geoff Nunn made a submission to Royal Commission into the Banking Sector.




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Guiding Values


We deliver in-full and on time.

We offer substantial depth of professional expertise. Our Advisors are professionally qualified and leaders in their field.  All have substantial experience in working with boards across a diverse range of industries.  See: Advisor Profiles.


Independence increases the options available for addressing board and organisational issues. It enables authentic discussion that generates creativity and discourages groupthink. 


Appropriate governance standards guide our professional work.  We believe all organisations should pursue the highest standards of business ethics and consider the interests of all stakeholders in their decision making.


Each organisation's operating environment is unique. This uniqueness suggests the need to develop specific solutions rather than rely on generic approaches.  Strategy is not just about the next corporate plan.  It's about embracing the future as opportunity.


Directors have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that their boards make the most effective decisions in the interests of all stakeholders.
— John Adams Company Director March 2008